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Get the Data you need to meet Meaningful Use

The Healthcare industry is heavily focused on meeting Meaningful Use criteria, and vendors and facilities alike are working diligently to determine how they can maximize reimbursement with as little disruption to Physician work flow. Physician adoption of EHR technology is widely recognized as a pivotal issue, with a large majority resisting the use of the requisite template-based reporting methods. The template system provides structured data the facility needs to meet Meaningful Use, but inhibits the physician's ability to be efficient and lacks the detail the narrative has provided for so many years. SOAP offers solutions to many of the challenges facing Physicians and Healthcare facilities, namely Physician adoption of EHR, and the extracting of Structured Data from the Clinical narrative.

Here is an outrageous statement:

Let physicians document their encounters the way they want to!

Physicians understand that focusing on the EHR workstation inhibits cognitive thinking. If a physician can remain focused on doing their job - assessing and treating the patient - isn't it a good means of improving care? Conversely, if the physician's attention is on the PCwell, isn't that a job for IT? So why not give physicians tools they want to use?

SOAP is focused on efficiency and improving the quality of Patient Care without disturbing the work habits of the clinicians; on providing the tools the facility needs to glean the data - structured, codified data - without putting a mouse in the physician's hand; and, on providing tools to the members of the Care Team, HIM, Core Measures, POA, PQRI, Tumor Registrars and Coders that enable them to do their jobs more efficiently - all of which can positively impact reimbursement levels. We call this Meaningful Reimbursement.

SOAP aids facilities in maximizing their reimbursement opportunities. In addition to the Meaningful use criteria listed below, SOAP can aid you in positively identifying Present on Admission (POA) patients and can integrate Medication Reconciliation data into transcribed reports to ensure balanced reporting for Core measures compliance, without changing the documentation methods the physicians prefer.

Getting Ready

Meaningful Use 2 & 3 are likely going to raise the requirements on facilities to increase the percentage of data retained as Structured Data, as well as require the portability of that data (HIE). We can help. And now is probably a good time, before you get busy with ICD-10 and Medicaid RAC, to understand what your options are.

Partner with SOAP to quickly, easily, and affordably start generating more Meaningful data that benefits your patients, your providers and all of healthcare.

Key Business Benefits:

✓ Conversion of unstructured reports into Structured Data
✓ Accelerated ARRA/HITECH reimbursement
✓ Enhanced Core Measures reporting information
✓ Simplified identification of POA and Cancer Patients
✓ Complex semantic search and ad hoc query of clinical data
✓ Greater Physician satisfaction
✓ Higher quality Patient Care
✓ Adverse event identification

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